My Manifesto

My own journey in theater

Paris | Everything is in motion | The actor is in the center

Towards my graduation from Tel Aviv University I had the privilege of watching, in Israel, a show by the Compagnie Jérôme Savary from France. When I sat in the auditorium, waiting for the curtain to go up, I had no idea that this very show would change my life. In the next two exhilarating hours I experienced a theater production which encompassed everything: circus, opera, magic, audience on stage, pyrotechnics and much more. It told melodramatic stories, stirring intense emotions in the audience, even making some people shed a tear. My heart jumped with joy and excitement. My body was vibrating with the desire to create. This moving experience took me back in time. I recalled how I felt, back when was a boy, watching Goldoni’s Master of Two Servants, stylishly performed by the young Jerusalem Khan Theater, directed by Michael Alfreds from London. Both times, as a boy and as a student, after the Jérôme Savary show, I was beside myself with excitement. I started researching, and everyone I asked told me unequivocally: Go to Paris, and study at L’École Internationale de Théâtre Jacques Lecoq.



I travelled. I studied in Paris. It was one of the most beautiful times of my life. I re-discovered theater and fell more deeply in love with it, with the city, with the language I adore to this day. From there I went on to create, study, play, direct and teach actors. I’m always excited to encounter theater which is no less than a celebration of actors and audience, theatre that comes from the heart, touches the heart and flies to the boundless territory of the imagination. The fusion of my theater studies at Tel Aviv University and my studies of physical theater in Paris, my own creation, that meeting point of text, story and movement – this is where I thrive. This is where I express myself fully. This is how I create, research, play, direct and teach to this day.

Everything is in Motion

Over the years I have learned that the physical theater and the art of storytelling are the starting point for every theater piece, every style of play, as verbal as it may be. “Everything is moving, everything is in motion,” Jacques Lecoq taught me. In life, as well as is in theater.

I will always get on stage to tell a story, a drama. How will I do it? That is the secret, which will be revealed to me through my creative journey. This entire motion will be fully generated by the artist-creator.

The Actor is in the Center

I create, perform and teach theater where the actor is in the center stage, moving within the drama, from of his/her body and on the stage, to meet the audience. The actor is free to manifest his/her virtuosity in any level, shape or form, creating an entire world from scratch.

My artistic creation is born of a dialogue between physical theater and written text. My plays are always a collaborative work. As a director I co-create my plays with the actors; as an actor I do this with the director and the other artists working on the play. As a teacher, in Israel and all over the world, I see my role as a guide, giving the actors tools to create their very own work, with their very own theatrical language.