The Method

About Physical Theater

Physical theater is unique in its fourfold emphasis combining body, motion, space and text. The text is not absent from this kind of work, but rather finds its own place during the exploration of the body-space-text relations manifested by each stage artist.

In this kind of theater the performers – actors, dancers, storytellers – create a total theatrical illusion through their virtuoso work.

Noam Meiri’s Teaching & Directing Method

•  This method provides students with systematic professional experience, which teaches performers skills for developing an original theatrical work for a single or a group show.

•   Studying this method, actors, dancers and other stage artists acquire tools for creating their own original piece. It is a process they go through as individuals, and as performers and creating artists.

•   Teaching involves different physical theater style elements: masks (Commedia dell’Arte masks, half-masks, neutral masks etc.), dramatic clowns, physical theater storytelling, and silent theater.

•   Different elements from various methods and techniques that Meiri has studied over the years -such as the Alexander Technique (for improving actors’ body-mind dialogue) and the Laban Movement Analysis Method – are incorporated into the teaching process.


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