Physical Theater Class

Physical theater acting techniques and tools for creating your own show while focusing on the combination of body, motion, space and text

The work process enables the students to create their own single or ensemble show.
Actors, storytellers, dancers and other stage artists will benefit from this class.
The class’ length and content may be individually adjusted to fit the participants.

Main class topics:

•   The joy of acting and playing.

•   Physical theater improvisational techniques; tools for ensemble work.

•   Developing and exploring the actor-creator’s imagination.

•   Neutral masks: exploring the movement of the human body.

•   The inner impulse (sensations, thoughts, images etc.) as a source for movement and for dramatic action.

•   The dramatic story as a source for movement in space; tools for analyzing a dramatic story for an actor.

•   Silent theater without words, with music.

•   Physical theater storytelling; telling (and/while moving) a story in front of an audience.

•   Adapting a story for stage.

•   Different styles of storytelling in a show.

•   Principles of acting in an empty space.

•   Acting with objects and props, object transformation.

•   Playing with half-masks and whole masks (Commedia dell’Arte).

•   The dramatic clown (from circus to theater); building “numbers”.

•   The actor’s presence on stage and authentic dialogue with the audience.

•   Elements of cabaret in a show.

•   Improvising in front of an audience.

•   Creating a piece in a given alternative space.



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