Children Stories & Fairy Tales

Grimm Brothers’ Fairy Tales, Arabian Nights and other familiar stories, told and adapted by Noam Meiri, in his unique style.

An actor tells the audience a story – theater in a nutshell

Noam is the storyteller as well as the characters. He creates the setting, the atmosphere, the voices and sounds and all the rest; he alone appears on the stage, generating all of the occurrences: a series of fast-changing images and pictures, comic and dramatic situations, motions and sounds.

His style inspires the viewers’ imaginations, forging an intimate and direct bond between the actor and the audience, young, old and in-between.

The show is available in English & Hebrew.
It is recommended for children ages 5-10 and their parents/caregivers.
Capacity: up to 80 children.
Length: 50 minutes

The show is included in the Israeli national “Cultural Basket” list.


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