STORY TELLING for Executives

Personal Coaching / Small Group Workshop

As an executive, you are required to make decisions and execute them: leading, persuading and achieving collaborations with your peers, employees, shareholders, future investors, etc. Developed for senior corporate executives, Story Telling method is an effective, potent and compelling tool for achieving your goals.

Everyone loves a good story. If you use storytelling techniques and tools, you are much more likely to convince your audience make them love your idea, and let you lead.

So, how do you do it? First, let’s ask how NOT to do it. Stating the mere facts is simply not enough. You need to create a riveting fact-based story to convey a message and leverage an idea.


The core question of Story Telling coaching method is: “How should you tell your story?”

How will you create a meaningful, powerful story? How would you persuade your audience? How would you move them – while focusing on an idea which is most significant to you?

Your story will become meaningful if you know how to put together your opinion, knowledge, experience, vision and credo – in a way that will make them passionate about it, and eager to do whatever it takes to make it happen. It’s more about the “how” than the “what”.

This coaching method identifies your very own storytelling potential: your intuition, your humor, your decision -making flexibility – in front of an audience. Even for those of you who are familiar with standing in front of people and presenting yourselves – using body language and storytelling techniques will add a special flavor to your presentation.

You will learn the art of storytelling: working with your speech and voice, pace, dynamics, pausing and body language. You will develop awareness to your own body language, in order to enrich your own modes of expressions. You will also develop awareness to other people’s body language, so as to better understand them and better communicate with them.

From Theater to the Story Telling Method for Executives

I have directed and taught theater for 30 years. My dream to study theater and movement came true in Paris, where I studied with Jacques Lecoq (at L’École Internationale de Théâtre Jacques Lecoq), one of the greatest teachers in this field. Starting there, my road to international theater career was easy. In the last decade I have been teaching as an associate professor at Folkwang University of the Arts in Essen, Germany. I specialize in physical theater and the art of storytelling, namely, how to tell, manifest or present your story and make it into a captivating theatrical experience, an awe-inspiring event which will leave its mark on the audience, and will be renderd unforgetful.

I am also a graduate of the Theater Department of Tel Aviv University, where I specialized in Community Theater. I have graduated from the Tel Aviv University’s School of Education, as school counselor.

The convergence of all this fields gave birth to a unique storytelling method for corporate executives. This method was implemented in various organizational development companies, professional coaching schools and leading startup companies in Israel.

Using my rich experience, I create an atmosphere which is both intimate and professional. This atmosphere allows me to lead a challenging, meaningful process of exploration, learning and evolvement. My coaching models, for both the limited participant- workshop and the one-on-one coaching, are exclusive, and implemented only by myself. Living in both Israel and Germany, I can easily schedule sessions in Europe, USA, or Israel.

Training and Coaching Models

Model A: A Small Group Workshop

Working in groups of no more than 4-8 participants, each participant can learn from the other participants, and be each other’s audience. In addition to learning and exploring various techniques, participants are encouraged to bring forth their own story or topic. Later on, they will receive personal feedback for their performance.

Other modes of learning are based on improvisation exercises, creating better learning dynamics, thus allowing participants to explore their thoughts, ideas, emotions and body language related to their story.

Recommended length of workshop:

2-3 consecutive days, or another scheduling that suits the group.

Each academic hour lasts 45 minutes.

Introduction: 1 academic hour

Then 5 units of 2-3 hours each.

This workshop can be adjusted and customized to each group’s particular needs. It can be followed by an advanced workshop.

Possible languages for the workshop: Hebrew | English | German | French

Model B: Personal Coaching

Coaching senior executives to perform their “story” in front of an audience.

One-on-one session dynamics allows an executive to examine his or her patterns of behavior in front of an audience (employees, colleagues and other professionals) in a private setting. The sessions will focus on the executive’s needs and the desired change. Later on, we will view ways to cope with the situation, different manners of enriching and improving his or her modes of expression, the story s/he wants to present.

The exercise will be customized to fit the executive’s needs, aspirations and personality. The length of the workshop as well as the relevant content will be determined by both of us, together.

Recommended length of workshop:

Session hour = 45 minutes

Introduction: 1 session; then 5 units of 2-3 hours each.

Optional languages for coaching: Hebrew | English | German | French

Some of my customers are:

* XTREMIO LTD (software company)- Kibbutz Glil-Yam, Israel.

* Feldenkraiszentrum Chava Shelhav (training center for Feldenkrais teachers), Vussem, Germany.

* LEAVE A MARK – Consulting Agency, Tel Aviv.

* Beit Ariela Shaar Zion Central Library, Tel Aviv.

* Figurentheater-Kolleg (Puppet Theater College), Bocuhum, Germany.


* One on One Coaching:

“Hi Noam,

Our CEO ran the board meeting this afternoon and was better than ever! Focused, sharp as a knife, personal and sensitive. He expressed emotions and showed empathy.

I was moved, and the feedback was excellent.

I’d like to express my gratitude here. I could totally feel how significant is your contribution for this change.”

HR manager in a leading high-tech company.

* Storytelling Workshop participant:

“In minutes, Noam brought our attention to our pattern-driven behavior, versus choosing willingly various behaviors and original modes of expression. We experienced a fast learning curve and a fascinating exploration, all resulting in focus, alertness and presence as we met our audience. We learned some important and well-established information in this inspiring workshop.”

Michael Kremin, Sauerlach Bayern, Germany

Business Consultant and Coach (a group workshop participant).

* Group workshop participants:

“It was not the first time we took a Noam Meiri class. In every workshop Noam leads us on new unfamiliar paths. The environment is supportive, with lots of humor and so we have elaborated our performance qualities and realized our personal potentials better. At the end of the workshop each one of us told her story in front of an audience. Our performance was met with enthusiastic responses.”

Ruepp Krista, Sprang Walburga and Pantel Roswitha,

Teacher s, Feldenkraiszentrum Chava Shelhav (training center for Feldenkrais teachers), Vussem, Germany.

* Group workshop participant:

“Noam Meri is highly experienced, with many years of professional experience. His sympathetic personality, his sense of humor, the instincts with which he relates to the participants and the group dynamics he leads erases any sort of hesitations. The exercises are performed with ease and joy. All of these qualities convinced me to choose him as a teacher.

His teaching is extremely effective, and goes hand in hand with my motto: Learning can be fun!

I grade this workshop: “Remarkable!”

Sabine Krause,

Kompass consulting CEO – Business and Personal Coaching, Schleiden, Germany.

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