Clowning Workshop

Finding your inner clown; discovering the freedom to be silly, naïve, poetic, and virtuoso.

The tools and techniques studied in this workshop will allow each participant to create their own solo and group “number”.
Actors, storytellers, dancers and other stage artists will benefit from this workshop.
The workshop’s length and contents can be adjusted to different participants: art program students, teachers of the arts, art therapists, educators and theater or dance lovers.

Who is a Clown?

The clown encounters us with great joy and stage passion. His naiveté brings to light humanity in its nakedness and by doing so creates a comic-tragic effect.

The main workshop topics:

•   The physical presence.

•   About real and phony laughs.

•   Dealing with “flops”, the clown’s failure which leads to his success on stage.

•   Finding one’s own body language and unique costume.

•   The clown behind the scenes, on stage and outside of it.

•   Playing with objects.

•   Unique skills, each clown’s special virtuoso.

•   Building “numbers” solo, in couples, and in groups.


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