One Man Show | Avshalom (Hebrew), 2012-13

Cabaret Theatre for solo actor and musician

Play & performance: Noam Meiri

Original music and piano: Vered Dekel
Adapted and directed by Noam Ben Azar
Premiere: October 2012, the Tel Aviv Gay Center and Tmuna Theater, Tel Aviv.


Avshalom is a cabaret artist and at times a clown. His greatest dream is to be a diva – but he is not one. Avshalom invites his mother to the performance of his life, in order to finally tell her everything she never wanted to know.
Avshalom embarks on a nostalgic imaginary and dark journey through his life.
This journey of a mother and child, bound together in one character, creates moving comic-dramatic theatre, and a total theatrical illusion, through the design, the live music and Meiri’s virtuoso as an actor. The play’s theatrical language and its directing is the creation of the artistic cooperation of physical theater artists with the dialogue between physical theater and the written text.

Stage design and costumes: Rakefet Levi
Lighting design: Judy Kupferman
Dramaturg: Roni Pisker
Clowning: Zvika Fishzon
Image Design: Yirmi Pinkus
Graphic Design: Eran Tal
Still pictures: Gadi Dagon, Nurit Egozi, Amir Raveh


“Avshalom” comes straight from the heart and goes straight into the heart…
“Meiri’s unique language of movement endows the character with life. Everything takes place in a rhythm which is tight, patient and wise. This is characteristic of the work of Noam Ben Azar, who is responsible for direction and adaptation, and he can rightly take pride in it…”
“The musician, Vered Dekel, has an ongoing dialog with Meiri which is flowing, wise and moving. The show is a concerto for an actor, a pianist and a soprano soloist.”
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Play & performance: Noam Meiri
Directed by Noam Ben Azar
Clip from the play
Camera & editing: Chen Wagshall


Play & performance: Noam Meiri
Directed by Noam Ben Azar
An interview with Noam Meiri
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