Ensemble | Women in the Park (Hebrew), 1987-89

An original Faubourg Teatron work

By: Noam Meiri, Rivi Feldmesser-Yaron and Walter Anichofer

Two actors, four characters. An accidental meeting between an Austrian tourist and an Israeli woman leads to a dramatic-comic journey all over Israel, bringing up long-forgotten memories and revealing charged mother-son relationships.

Directed by Rivi Feldmesser-Yaron
Actors: Noam Meiri, Walter Anichhofer
Original music and piano: Tzvia Sharet
Set and costume design: Mickey Ein Dor
Lighting: Ariel Ariav
Graphic design: Dan Zackheim
Still pictures: Yuval Shemesh

Premiere: The Acco Israeli Fringe Theater Festival, 1987

The theater troupe Faubourg Teatron was co-founded in Paris in 1986 by Noam Meiri, Rivi Feldmesser-Yaron and Walter Anichoffer. The group’s goal was to create original works during rehearsals while searching a theatrical language, from realism to fantasy and absurd. The spoken language were always the artists’ mother tongues: Hebrew and German.


The acting is physical and energetic and the play retains the actors’ original language. The Israeli speak Hebrew and Yiddish, the Austrian speaks his language and you can easily understand them. Together they create a theatrical language. It is an almost international troupe. The audience laughed a lot… Tzvia Sharet’s music is beautiful and works well within the material, signifying another possibility, another language.
Yossi Vanunu, Al Ha’mishmar, April 28, 1987