Film | Endless Happiness, 1995

Directed and written by Igal Bursztyn

A comic fantasy toying with events from the life of the famous Jewish-Dutch philosopher Spinoza who is transplanted from 17th-Century Amsterdam and Den Haag’s suburbia  to an apartment building in the contemporary Israeli town of Holon. Meiri played the role of Spinoza’s lover’s (Yael Almog) husband.

Premiered in 1995

The film received the Leiffer Award for the best screenplay, along with the Middle Eastern Movie Award at the International Film Festival in 1996; the Ophir Award for the best screenplay, 1996; and the Critics Award for the Best Israeli Movie at the Haifa Film Festival.

Additional actors: Yael Almog, Ofra Weingarten, Danny Shteg, Igal Adika, Liat Goren, Shira Perver and others.