One Man Show | Momik (Hebrew), 1994

Based on David Grossman’s “See Under: Love”

Performance: Noam Meiri

The first chapter of Grossman’s See Under: Love becomes a surrealist dramatic monologue attempting to solve the mystery: What happened in the land called “there”? The minimalist stage comes alive with imaginary creatures who comprise the “Nazi Beast”. Momik tries to tame the beast and save his parents from their nightmares.

Adaptation: Daniella Michaeli, Itamar Davidov, Noam Meiri
Directed by Daniella Michaeli
Set Design: Ron Ben Yaacov
Music: Adi Rennert
Lighting: Noa Lev

Premier:  The Teatroneto Festival for One-Person Plays at Tel Aviv’s Suzanne Dellal Center for Dance and Theater.



“David Grossman loved the idea that Noam Meiri would be Momik in the play based on his novel See Under: Love.” Ruth Shapiro, Maariv, 1993.