One Man Show | Rapunzel’s Show (Hebrew), 1992-93

A Feminist/male-chauvinist play

Co-created by Noam Meiri, Rivi Feldmesser-Yaron, Gal Friedman and Gail Hareven

Play: Gail Hareven
Acting: Noam Meiri
Original music and keyboard: Gal Friedman
Directed by Rivi Feldmesser-Yaron
Premiere:  Tzavta Theater, Tel Aviv, 1989.

A wild and impulsive commentary based on the Brothers Grimm’s tale Rapunzel using a variety of genres: from the Sleeping Beauty to James Bond, from romantic novels to Sigmund Freud.

Set and Costume Design: Paulina Golodriga
Lighting: Rachel Neima



“Witty and rampant cabaret (…) Noam Meiri changes characters 14 times a minute with no hesitation at all. He sings, dances and tells stories while addressing the audience and changing costumes (…) The highly gifted Gail Hareven managed to collage together fairy tales’ pieces, myths’ bits with ideological shrapnel (…) Feldmesser had shown plenty of stage surprises (…) Friedman made all of this into a rich musical cabaret and Meiri carries all this weight on his shoulders without even seemingly being affected by this burden.”
Gaby Nitzan, Hadashot, November 5, 1989.
Noam Meiri is a very diverse actor, and the director has a great sense of timing and a lovely sense for comic tricks. The result of their cooperation is excellent (…) it is a serious evening which fortunately doesn’t take itself too seriously.”
Elyakim Yaron, Maariv, October 17, 1989.
“A show of crazy and wild humor which has already managed to fill the Tzavta 2 Theater with avid fans.” Itzik Yosha, Yedioth Aharonot, November 17, 1989.
“It has the potential of becoming a cult show, with its own regular fans who will repeat the text along with its characters and take part in the plot.”
Amos Oren, Yedioth Aharonot, November 19, 1989.
“Improvisation-rich, this show has the sense of theater in the making. Noam Meiri demonstrates an impressive physical capability, improvisation and a very accurate connection with his audience. It is a good opportunity to see young theater.”
Hanoch Re’im, Davar, November 8, 1989.