Director | “good stuff”, 1998 (Hebrew)

An original ensemble work Written by Sigal Avin

Co-created by Noam Meiri & the actors
Directed by Noam Meiri

Personal stories turned into an original stage work, co-created by the director, the playwright and the actors. A theater within a theater, layers inside layers, all moving between the actor, his/her private world and the most sought after dream of all: creating theater.


Actors: Hila Goshen, Dorit Bar-Or, Naam Israeli, Karin Even-Haim,  Ali Sliman, Gilli Bareket, Ayelet Mancini, Natti Ornan, Halil (Hanan) Yitzhak, Yuval Segal, Hisham Sliman, Hadar Shahaf, Shiri Ashkenazi, Ornan Brier
Produced by the Tel Aviv’s Performing Arts Studio founded by Yoram Leowenstein
Premiere: 2000
Music, musical arrangement and musical director: Adi Cohen
Stage design: Adi Strauss
Choreography: Saar Harari
Lighting design: Uri Morag
Costume design: Ifat Idelman
Set painting: Mike Friendland
Still pictures: Arie Sonshein

Play Excerpt:

And it was morning and it was night. And it was night and it was morning. At nights the frustrated actress sat at home, getting high, getting the munchies, raiding the local corner store. Then suddenly she had an idea. I’ll do something brilliant, something original, Something innovative! Because I have a dream! Right away she sat down to write another play. So she told herself, and wrote. If start low, I’ll end up high. And life is play, so on my way I’ll go, on my white steed to happiness I’ll be bound. What’s reality? What’s not? I got no clue, I can’t imagine! An actor in real life, real life on stage – hey, hold on, what’s going on? Must the show go on? Good stuff, isn’t it?