Director | Oscar Wild’s “the happy prince”, 2011 (German)

A fairy tale for adults, produced by the Folkwang University’s Theater Department.

The play represented the Folkwang University at the Kampnagel Theater’s festival and contest for German-speaking acting schools.

Premiere: Kampnagel Theater, Hamburg, Germany, 2011

An ensemble of actors demonstrate their physical theater and storytelling virtuoso. This seemingly innocent children’s story reveals human and social criticism about love and heartbreak, prejudice and heartlessness, cruelty versus compassion. It is truly a story about boundless giving.

German translation: Franz Blei
Directed and edited by Noam Meiri
Choreography and movement: Thomas Rascher
Vocal guidance: Thomas Buts
Lighting: Brian Michaels, Bernd vom Felde
Musical guidance: Klaus Kauker
Performers: Veronika Bachfischer, Sven Gey, Maelle Giovanetti, Michael Lämmermann, David Schirmer, Tina Wilhelm, Elisabeth Wolle



Video Trailer from The Happy Prince.
Produced by the Opera Department of Folkwang University of the Arts at Essen, Germany.
Directed by Noam Meiri
Clip from the show.

Editing: Nurit Sharet