Director |Shakespeare’s Love’s Labor’s Lost (Hebrew), 2001

Hebrew translation by Dori Parnes

The play represented the Tel Aviv’s Performing Arts Studio founded by Yoram Leowenstein’s at the International Shakespeare Festival for Acting Schools in Recklinhausen, Germany.
Premiere: Tel Aviv’s Performing Arts Studio founded by Yoram Leowenstein, 2003
A play about youngsters, performed by an ensemble of young and passionate actors, about the eternal longing for love. The gap between what one wants to say and what they are allowed to say drives, generates and invents an endless celebration of courting games, winning attempts and dangerous manipulations, leading to an absurd shaky courting which ends in absolute chaos. Only death reveals the moment of truth.


Actors: Yuval Berger, Tal Barkan, Yoav Yeffet, Maya Welder, Yael Sharoni, Daphna Mor, Itzik Gabay, Eitan Sivan, Sharon Jibli, Shahar Hasson.
Stage and costume design: Neta Hacker
Music: Yaheli Sobol, Shahar Even Tzur
Choreography: Yossi Berg
Lighting: Uri Morag



‘Love’s Labor Lost’ directed by Noam Meiri is an elegant circus, a rhythmical light and vibrant play, full of color and vitality, performed by a young theater exploding with fresh ideas (…) Noam Meiri’s directing work reflects pure love for theater (…) such flowing passages between fiction and reality and such delicate character representations are rare on our stages (…) Shahar Hasson and Eitan Sivan are outstanding in this wonderful troupe with their impressive and very funny characters, using a unique movement and language.
Ido Dagan, Tel Aviv, 2003.